The Gem Sanctity, Ruwanweliseya

Ruwanweli Maha Seya (The Great Swarnamali Stupa), Anuradapura, Sri Lanka

Undoubtedly my favourite place in Sri Lanka to visit, Standing majestically in the hallowed precincts of the Anuradhapura Sacred City is The Great Swarnamali Stupa, the emblem of sanctity, blessed with the presence of the Buddha and venerated by gods, great kings and Buddhists for over centuries and beyond. It was built by King Dutugemunu in 140 B.C.

Ruwanweli Maha Seya (The Great Swarnamali Stupa), Anuradapura, Sri Lanka

Climb to the top

Climb to the top, Moon Plains, Sri Lanka

The drive to the top of moon plains is beautiful and adventurous. There is only only dirt lane to go up, hence only vehicles travelling same direction allowed at a time. Cost of a ride is 2000rupees, which will allow 8 passengers, this would equal to around $20AUD. The views are astonishing, panoramic all around, it almost feels like you are travelling in Jurassic Park and you will be bumping into dinosaurs any moment.

Towards the top you will get covered in fog. Fog tends to move pass quickly in and out covering the views. So you have only a small window of time to take great shots.

To protect the farming and rejuvenation of potatoes, this place is protected. Only the set number of vehicles goes up and down the lane. No outside vehicles are allowed into this area.

Drive to the moon plains, Sri Lanka
Driver introducing the views

The views are different through out, you will get some moody looking views, some with sun rays, and some with half covered by mist. You will be confused where to look when going up.

Views from the vehicle
At the summit

Drive will take approx 15- 20mins, then you will spend time on top as you wish, 20-30mins before you head back down.

View from the top
Managed to capture this dramatic shot from the summit

On our way back, there was one vehicle that was blocking the path due to a breakdown, we had to switch the vehicles as 4×4 was not allowed to go on the grass area to bypass the broken down vehicle. The vehicle was been fixed at site.

This was a memorable experience and I recommend anyone that travels to Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka to visit this place.

experience 4×4

Cloud forest

Cloud forest, Singapore

One of my favourite places in Singapore, this is the worlds largest indoor waterfall, Once you enter this dome the sprinkles from the waterfall is freshening. this place is massive and you can make your way to the top and views are breath taking. I will be composing a video of my visit to this done which I will post at a later date. Till then enjoy this indoor rain forest photo.