The day after supermoon

Author: Nalinda

Nalinda is a passionate photographer who takes photographs of nature, people, places, wildlife and sport. He is a strong supporter of conservation and wildlife freedom, who believes in everyone who takes photos of wildlife will make a difference to save our natural habitats for the future. Follow Nalinda's photoblog and share your views.

8 thoughts on “The day after supermoon”

  1. It’s the subtlety of the edge of the cloud below that really makes this special. It’s interesting to see the apparent orientation of the moon in different parts of the world. From where I live it looks like it’s turned about 60° counterclockwise from what I’m used to seeing.

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    1. Thank you Michael, I never thought of it the fact that moon looks different from different parts of the world. Thanks for pointing that out. Intrusting fact that not much people pay attention to.


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