Up close with the giant

Up close with the giant, Sri Lanka

Elephants always fascinates me, I could photograph them all day and still won’t get enough of it. This was not a full size elephant, but it growing to be one.

‘You can fit all footprints of species in the world in to a one majestic footprint of an elephant’. This is an ancient quote by Supreme Buddha, therefore you will need to look at this quote with wisdom. So respecting the majestic elephants is the right thing to do, and whoever hurt or kill’s them for money, ivory, or any other agenda is destroying something great, for those un-humane people, karma will follow them like a shadow.

If we learned to respect each other, then we sure should learn to respect the animals no matter what size or form they are.

Author: Nalinda

Nalinda is a passionate photographer who takes photographs of nature, people, places, wildlife and sport. He is a strong supporter of conservation and wildlife freedom, who believes in everyone who takes photos of wildlife will make a difference to save our natural habitats for the future. Follow Nalinda's photoblog and share your views.

8 thoughts on “Up close with the giant”

  1. A great photo and I love what youโ€™ve said, all of wildlife is sacred, nothing they have means anything to human beings unless we believe it does, it is up to those of us who care to remind people of that ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. When I first saw the photo, I was amazed at the beauty of this gorgeous elephant, for the first time I could see it in close up, I was amazed at the dots on his/her skin! Just wow, and when I read the post, I remembered a document I saw, it was about criminals that kill those innocent animals for the money..I’m now in tears and feel so so sad that animals are hurt, killed and suffer because of human selfishness ๐Ÿ’”
    I do love Elephants and think they are sensitive animals..I drew a little elephant in my room once, if I find that picture I will share it. Thank you for this amazing post!

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