Temple top of the hill

Temple top of the hill, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Author: Nalinda

Nalinda is a passionate photographer who takes photographs of nature, people, places, wildlife and sport. He is a strong supporter of conservation and wildlife freedom, who believes in everyone who takes photos of wildlife will make a difference to save our natural habitats for the future. Follow Nalinda's photoblog and share your views.

8 thoughts on “Temple top of the hill”

    1. Thank you Lauren, I went through my archive and could not find a picture of the temple, My 4year old was following me. So It was further hike to the temple from the entrance, which I could get up to unless I was prepared to carry my 4yr old. 🙂

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  1. Your posts always bring the nostalgia in me 🙂 I had been to Srilanka in 2007 and I loved it! especially Kandy and a place called Giritale, a hotel called Royal Lotus i think it was called that. it was all so beautiful and serene, the island vegetation I felt was bit strange, the trees were stunted for all I could remember and there were lots of jungle fowl around, it was wilderness and tranquility.

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    1. Thank you:) Giritale or Polonaruwa is another ancient city, lovely area which I didn’t get to visit this timw around. You would of come across lot if ancient ruins.. endless senery all island around.

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